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Laura's Story 


After over 5 years of pain, I finally got my endometriosis diagnosis in September 2020. I previously sought treatment via the WHSCT here in NI, I was under the care of a supposed "specialist" in the identification and removal of endometriosis. Back in 2018 I had a diagnostic lap with this consultant, where he perforated my womb and misdiagnosed me, he stated I did not have endometriosis, or none that he could see and simply said I had a "soft womb" and packed me on my way, with no further explanation or aftercare. 


I was left by myself for a further 2 years in pain. I reached out to the EAI and Endo Aware NI. I received such empathy and validation of my pain which encouraged me to start asking more questions. It was then when I fully started to engage with Endo Aware NI I found out that this was indeed a real issue across the island of Ireland and I possibly did have endometriosis. Sophie recommended 3 surgeons who had a specialist skillset in the identification, treatment and removal of endometriosis. Two of whom were based in the U.K. and the 3rd in Europe. After a few months I couldn't bear the pain any longer and having no answers, I knew I needed to contact a specialist. 


I contacted Mr Mann, a experienced consultant in endometriosis based in Birmingham. I had heard so many good things about him. I penned an emotional email to his PA one Saturday who responded the very next day and was able to have a consultation with him via phone the following Tuesday. He was an amazing, empathic and approachable individual. He put me at ease straight away and believed me, giving me such respect and care. He provided his educated opinion and advised on the next course of action which was an MRI and for this to be analysed by a specialist radiologist in his clinic. I decided whatever the cost of the MRI I would do it. So I organised this and sent it away for examination.


Mr Mann followed up soon after with my second follow up consultation. He went through my on MRI report, which clarified suspected adenomyosis but additionally identified polycystic ovaries on appearance. He believed that I also had endometriosis from my symptoms, this rarely shows up on scans. Mr Mann recommended that I have a laparoscopic procedure to identify and excise any endometriosis tissue, ovarian drilling, removal of my Mirena IUS and a tubal patency test. 


I was then called for my operation in September 2020,  I drew down a loan for the procedure and travelled to Birmingham during COVID, so had to isolate prior. However the cost, travelling and isolation were all well worth it. 


I had my operation with Mr Mann. Deep infiltrating endometriosis was found on all of my pelvic walls and Pouch of Douglas, and removed and sent for pathology which we now know to be histologically endometriosis. Mr Mann performed ovarian drilling and removed the Mirena coil, which had damaged my womb protruding through a 2-3cm perforation. Mr Mann completely broke down each step of my treatment before and after my surgery, provided me with surgery notes, photos and copied me into any letters to my doctor. There is no doubt about what treatment [i.e. excision] I received because he informed me in every way possible at every stage. This is care, respect and patient empowerment which I had never received previously. Although endometriosis is incurable, he has removed all of the tissue. Mr Mann's expertise and care means that I will have the best chance and quality of life and hopefully the option to start a family. Mr Mann quite honestly give me my life back. I'm now 12 weeks post op, recovery is slow but so worth it, even though I still need to take it easy, I feel better than I have done in a long time. I am excited for the future and eternally grateful to have been treated and still supported by such an amazing human being. I call him my earth angel. 


An expert in excision and with a specialist skillset in this area, truly is the only way to go.. if Mr Mann was based on the moon, I would have still gone. You can't put a price or geographical boundary on that level of expertise. 

Please note that Laura's surgeon is now retired and Mr Yousri Afifi has taken over. 

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