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Merryn's story

After suffering for two decades with moderate to severe pelvic pain which was only worsened by two ablation surgeries and a lack of care, I finally realised that I needed a true endometriosis excision expert. I did hours of research, including getting a recommendation from Dr Andrea Vidali in NYC, and this led me to make the best decision for my health, by contacting Peter Barton-Smith in London, England.


I was instantly impressed with his gentle, caring and inquisitive attitude towards me in my initial consultation, and his obvious expertise was a relief to me. He quickly scheduled a specialist ultrasound scan with the fantastic Mr Jurcovic to assess me before surgery and also check for potential complications due to my symptoms (bowel issues, urinary pain, ovarian pain, non-cyclical pain, upper GI pain, severe uterine cramping and cervical pain). The scan was surprisingly painless and very conclusive - a first in my vast experience of unhelpful, mentally and physically painful scans! Feedback from Peter was swift and I was scheduled for surgery in October 2020 at the Princess Grace Hospital in London.

My surgical experience with Peter was outstanding. He was able to remove the leftover endometriosis lesions and the adhesions (likely caused by past ablations) which were causing me so much pain and fatigue. His bedside manner was calm and attentive. He provided a video of my surgery (robotic excision) and showed what he had done and gave me post-operative advice for managing my disease in the future, such as myofascial pelvic floor therapy to correct the overly-tight pelvic floor muscles I had due to so many years of severe pain and harmful ablation surgeries. He also advised me on my medications and lifestyle, and how I needed to reduce my stress levels where possible to reduce inflammatory reactions in my pelvic area. Following his advice has made a huge difference to my well-being. 

The whole experience with Peter has been so immensely validating, healing and positive. He truly goes above and beyond for his patients, providing personalised, expert consultations and surgical treatment. He continued to be supportive and helpful in my 6 month follow-up consultation and beyond. I now barely have any pain at all and can go months without even thinking about it. I cannot recommend him highly enough, and I wouldn’t go to anybody but him for future consultations or surgeries.

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