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Why do I have endo?

We don't know for sure why some people develop endometriosis and some people don't. 

What we do know is that endometriosis is involved in several different genetic pathways, and of course like many chronic diseases is influenced by epigenetic factors. 

An Icelandic study found that you are 5-7 times more likely to have endometriosis if a first degree relative already has it - that means your mother or your sister. 

Lots of people may find that their mum, aunties or even their grandmothers have never formally been diagnosed with endometriosis but perhaps family members recall them suffering from pain, infertility or being bedridden.

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Was Sampson wrong? Redwine 2013 [Endopaedia statement, retrieved 16th December 2020]

Years ago, endometriosis was described as a "career woman's disease". We now know this to be a damaging and untrue description. 

Since it's most likely we are born with endometriosis (Dr David Redwine), then it figures that we can experience symptoms even before our first period (menarche) and beyond menopause.


Endometriosis has been documented in human foetuses and is prevalent amongst teenage girls - more than 70% of those suffering from chronic pelvic pain are ultimately diagnosed with endometriosis (Dr Iris Orbuch). 

There are also cases in the literature of endometriosis affecting cis males. 

All of this reminds us just how important it is that everyone knows about endometriosis, because it doesn't just affect women in their reproductive years.

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